Billund, Population: 6,194

So…it’s been a while. As usual, Froggle is to blame. The uncharacteristically cold weather in London has caused his lethargy to escalate to unprecedented levels.

Without further ado, here is a story about Billund, published almost a year after the fact. Don’t worry, we’re sure it is much the same today as it was when we were there.

I’ve been obsessed with Danish “forest kindergartens” for quite some time now. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Danes are clearly at a superior stage of evolution, in which they’ve unlocked the secret to raising children: let them play! [Sigh] I wish I went to a Danish forest kindergarten…

so much fresh air!
so much fresh air!

Anyway, this is all to say that Denmark was high on my travel list. Of course, a normal person would proceed to book a ticket to Copenhagen. Not us.

We went to Billund. (Look at those glorious trees!)
Billund 2016

Where?!? Wikipedia says it’s a “small town in Jutland,” which is another way of saying, “here be dragons!”

Ah, now you’re starting to get it. Yes, Billund is on the map because it’s home to LEGO, and we were there because Evan managed to sign LEGO!

Froggle’s Fact: “There is no ‘s’ in LEGO, ever. You play with your LEGO, NOT your ‘Legos.’ The LEGO people are very strict about that. Their kool-aid was very tasty.”

While it’s very exciting—as “exciting” as business stuff can get—that Evan closed LEGO, it’s more exciting that they have Sour Cream & Onion chips in Billund.

Billund 2016

As usual, Evan travelled for business while Froggle and I traveled for leisure.

Day 1

Evan’s contact at LEGO tried to get me into Legoland by letting me borrow her season pass. Unfortunately, I got caught at the gate, and they confiscated the pass… We had arrived in the afternoon, and I would only have a few hours in the park, so I decided it wasn’t worth it to pay for admission. Instead, I hitch-hiked WiFi.

Billund 2016

The entire town of Billund basically functions as a subsidiary of LEGO’s enormous campus, and, of course, the only WiFi around were locked LEGO campus networks.

By hitching onto Legoland’s WiFi, I was able to find a cafe. Upon discovering that the cafe was actually a museum/library cafe, not a cutesy West Village cafe, I hitched onto their WiFi and found a grocery store. (My other food options were a sketchy pizza place and a weird sandwich place).

Let me tell you, the Danish grocery store was grocery-shopping heaven! It reminded me a lot of Amsterdam’s stores, which offered healthy, delicious, beautifully packaged, CHEAP options. Northern Europe is the place to be.

After hitching onto the grocery store’s crappy WiFi, I realized that the only TripAdvisor attraction, other than Legoland, that wasn’t more than seven miles away was the sculpture park. Better yet, the path wound through an amazing wildlife reserve and dumped off right in front of our hotel. So the stars do align!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 2

The next day, Evan convinced me to buy the ticket to go to Legoland. I was hesitant at first, because it’s pretty expensive, but my inner kid gave in. I’ve been missing Disneyland, so Legoland was just what I needed!

I was very excited to fit into this tiny safari jeep
I was very excited to fit into this tiny safari jeep

There’s a Legoland near my house in Carlsbad, and I haven’t been since my third-grade field trip. Legoland usually consists of a lot of cool LEGO models and a few not-so-cool rides. I was pleasantly surprised! The rides were actually pretty fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We don’t usually buy souvenirs in the places that we visit, but Evan got to take advantage of the 50%-off employee discount. We couldn’t refuse.

Look what we made!

Legoland Billund 2016

Just kidding! We haven’t built our Milllennium F(u)lcon yet, but we have built Manhattan!



Heffalumpy’s Hat Tips: 6.5/10 We’re suckers for theme parks and toys, but we wouldn’t recommend that you fly all the way to Billund for Legoland.


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